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Firearms Instruction

Texas license carry handgun class in Fort Worth $79.99.  We offer the most robust and intensive LTC course in the state. We have been offering quality LTC classes taught by police officers from local jurisdictions since 1999. When your life and safety is at risk it is imperative that you learn from professionals in the business. Our LTC classes are taught on a variety of times and days. We instruct on topics such as penal law, procedures when you get pulled over with a firearm onboard, Administrative law pertaining to LTC, and Safe storage and handling of firearms.    Our instructors are active duty police officers, licensed by the State of Texas as Police Firearms Instructors, NRA National Rifle Association Firearms Instructors, and Concealed Handgun License Instructors. Sgt. Damon Ing and David England have years of police experience that they bring to the learning environment.    We conduct our license carry at the Shooting Gallery located at 6062 East Lancaster, Fort Worth Texas 76112. Our range offers a comfortable classroom environment and an attached gun range that is conveniently indoors.    Simply sign up for our next available license carry Texas license carry handgun class now.

Sgt. Damon Ing Texas LTC/NRA Training Counselor

Sgt. Damon Ing Texas LTC/NRA Training Counselor


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